IMG_5759I spent so much of this year on improvement (see here and here, for example) that now I think it’s time to soak up some of the sweet rewards. We’ve moved to a new home and I couldn’t be happier here. The entire lower level is now my studio space, with separate areas for sewing, metal stamping and glass etching. Upstairs is a roomy Colonial Revival with hardwood floors and tons of light. I’ve turned an extra bedroom into my walk in closet. Life is good here.

Spring had started to show its face. My sister came down for dinner this past week and brought bread from a locally owned bakery and a jar of daffodils. The dogwoods are covered in buds and our new block was dotted with forsythia. Here is a photo from yesterday in my kitchen:IMG_5627And here is the same windowsill this morning: IMG_5808SNOW! We got several inches of snow today, to the children’s delight and my chagrin. I am not much of a winter person and would take that top picture to the bottom one any month of the year. Well, except December. It should snow in December, but that’s it.

As is customary in Richmond, the entire city shuts down at the first sign of a flurry, so Ryan came home early from work and we all spent the day enjoying the snow (I enjoyed it exclusively from within the warmth of the house). Here was the view from the front porch: IMG_5810Now I am winding down my work-day while Ryan cooks homemade spaghetti (with a pork/lamb mix meatballs) and opens a bottle of meritage. Yes, life is very sweet today.

And while the details are still in the works, there is more sweetness to come. I’m working on an exciting development which I hope to share soon. I have been hard at work and there is still much to do before I can make the announcement. For now though, I can smell the sauce simmering and hear the children’s laughter trailing down the stairs. It’s time to turn off the computer and close the studio door for the night. Balance, at last.