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IMG_9189Yup, that was pretty much the way my mind processed the information. From the first email from Etsy to the moment my line launched, I morphed from wondering if this was really happening to screaming it from the rooftops.

Several months ago I received an email from Etsy, letting me know that I was one of 5 designers personally chosen by Nordstrom to be included in their Etsy and Nordstrom Present collection. That began 8 weeks or so of behind the scenes work to make the collection,  phone interviews with Etsy for their wholesale platform, and to wade through what seemed like hundreds of pages of compliance and procedures to get set up in Nordstrom’s system as a vendor. I had to keep mum the entire time, which was painful because as soon as I realized I wasn’t dreaming I wanted to tell the world what was happening.

The collection launched two weeks ago, and I was able to travel to the Washington DC Nordstrom to host a trunk show of my collection: IMG_0785photophoto(1)

It has been a surreal experience and I am so thankful to the many people who worked together to make it happen. I’ve met some great folks at Etsy and Nordstrom through the work we did on the project and I am incredibly proud (as if you can’t tell) of how it turned out.  The very first day things began to sell out in store and online, so I’ve put some extra hours in at the butchers block to say the least.

I realize this is absolutely, 100% a “yay me!” post, and I hope you’ll indulge me that. I talk so little about work outside of the blog and my business Facebook page that when I mentioned my line was picked up by Nordstrom, a long time friend asked “What do you mean? What line? What do you sell?”. I promise less self-aggrandizing posts in the future, but for now… Ahhhh! My stuff is for sale at Nordstrom!!!!exn - Copy